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Robotika Debugging

In this post, we will describe the common practices that could be useful for improving your experience with Robotika. We will show how to access the output of the pipeline, how to take advantage of logging, and what to do in case you are stuck.… Read More »Robotika Debugging

Robotika Tutorial

In this tutorial, we start investigating the Robotika platform. As a representative example, we have chosen a pretty famous fraud detection data set from Kaggle (Credit Fraud Detection). The data set is relatively small (~ 100MB). However, it enables us to explain the main concepts… Read More »Robotika Tutorial


We want to introduce, the tool for Perpetual Machine Learning. The goal for Robotika is to make the deployment of ML solutions quick and comfortable for Data Scientists. There are four main aspects of Robotika that we would like to discuss here. 1. The Cycle.… Read More »Introduction